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Fantasy RBI Baseball? Is this the most insane thing ever? Well, if you look at my work production recently, I'd say that's definitely the case. But I guess that's probably not what you're talking about.

There's a large group (well, at least 15 or 20) of people across the country dedicated to the old Nintendo RBI Baseball game. I think it's the best baseball video game ever created, without a doubt. You can have your PS2 games with realistic sprites and advanced computer AI - personally, these games are cold and unpersonal to me. As realistic as the players are on-screen, I don't have any sort of connection with them

But short, fat, 8-bit guys hitting balls with edges? Now to me, that's baseball. And, as I mentioned earlier, a lot of other people my age feel the same way, too. Call it nostalgia if you like - I call it staying true to your roots.

Eight of us participate in a Fantasy RBI Baseball League that I run. Basically, we draft teams based on the RBI Baseball players, simulate the games, and see the results. You can get standings, rosters, results and stats at the Fantasy RBI section of this site. Game footage is available in the Media section.

I'm also a total stat wonk, so I'm going to include as many bits of RBI Baseball trivia on the site as possible as well. Feel free to contact me with any bits of information that you might like to pass along.

Also, there a section here that is just for my random ramblings about whatever the hell I feel like talking about. So, there you go.